I have had a life long affair with clay. In harmony with my very practical nature I created colorful functional pottery and architectural accents for over 25 years. I thoroughly enjoyed those years of creating bright and happy work that would grace the daily lives of people. But as the years went by pottery took a physical toll and my creative nature longed for something different. 

In 2004, I began to focus primarily on narrative sculptures of female and animal figures in clay and realized that I am a story teller.  And though I loved hearing that my cup or bowl was joyfully used daily, there was no comparison to evoking a shared emotion.  In 2006, urged by friends, I cast the first piece in bronze.  To date, over 300 pieces have been sold to private collectors and I have been selected for extended public art placements.  

In 2016, self-guided and curious, I began my journey into painting.  I never really thought of myself as a two-dimensional artist but it did not take long to recognize that there has been a passionate painter locked inside all this time.  I am now focusing most of my creative energy toward painting figurative narratives in acrylic on panel.

I'm a story teller and it is always my desire to spark a moment of recognition in the viewer.  I do not strive for exact detail but more a stylized realism with a sculptor's love of shapes and layered color.  

I have always lived in the Pacific NW.  I majored in art and trained also in teaching and have taught at levels from high school to college. I raised my son Casey and spent most of my pottery days in West Linn. In 2012 I designed and helped to build a house in White Salmon Washington.  In 2020 I moved back into the valley and now live in Ridgefield Washington and enjoy the migratory birds at the refuge and all the many walking trails.

I have spent many years also working as an arts organizer, most proud of the work with "Art in the Pearl Arts Festival".  Fifteen Portland based artists started "Art in the Pearl" with a small budget and a large dose of fearlessness and I spent 25 years on its board.

I wear a bracelet that reads, "Follow your bliss"...the words of Joseph Campbell.  I feel blessed that art has been my life.