Ann Fleming Sculptural Art
Dec 2016
The Frame Gallery for the Holidays!
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We are trying something exciting in Hood River this Holiday season. Bryce Jenkinson, the owner of the Frame Gallery, allowed a team of artists to come in and hang the entire front area of his shop. It looks wonderful!

Sep 2014
Midori Spring in Community
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I am very excited about my first public art placement. Midori Spring on her custom designed pedestal now graces the sitting area outside the Hood River Library. Art of Community , the brainchild of CJ Rench and Kristen Godkin, recently celebrated the installation of 15 sculptures throughout Hood River for the city’s first ever outdoor art walking tour.

I want to thank CJ Rench for making this a seamless project for me. I have always wanted to have a pubic art piece but I have yet to cast a life or larger sized sculpture. CJ helped me work out my design for the pedestal and then fabricated it for me… while organizing and installing the other 14 pieces.

In the brief time that the piece has been in place, the patinas on both the bronze and the pedestal have “seasoned” and I will be excited to see the changes during the coming year.

Jan 2014
Woofer home with Barbara
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Hi Ann,

I made the journey East with no trouble…I didn't even get sick on the train or plane or truck or whatever it was I was in. When I got to the place I was supposed to be, a woman who told me her name is Barbara opened the box and said, "Oh you're so sweet. I'm glad you're here." Now I am standing in the hall where everyone who comes in gets a happy greeting from me. I can tell you that I feel very, very special to have this job. And Barbara pats my head each time she goes by. We haven't quite figured out a name yet, but we'll get that decided soon. Apparently it can take a while to find exactly the right one. It's not a problem. I'm not going anywhere.

A big woof and slobbery kiss to you, Ann from your four-footed friend in Brooklyn

Nov 2013
Dog Blog
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This summer I showed at the Art in the High Desert Arts Festival in Bend Oregon. Like at many shows, I entertain myself watching people go by with their dogs. As I was watching the colorful parade of best friends I decided that I was going to do some sculptures of dogs… actually what I threatened was that I would do an entire booth with nothing but dog sculptures. So in the spirit of the” joy of dogs”, I sculpted my first dog.

This dog was a pretty happy fellow looking up in anticipation attended by a bird on his butt. The bird was pretty happy too. That dog now lives in Brooklyn New York with Barbara who came to visit my studio in White Salmon while attending a SoulCollage conference at Skamania Lodge.

Nov 2013
Fingers crossed
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And here we go. I have been meaning to write blogs for.. hummm... maybe 5 years. My most recent excuse was waiting for my son to create this wonderful website tool. Thanks Casey!

When I finally made a commitment to myself to sit down and write yesterday... I realized that I began to think of my day in blogs. I even wrote a pancake blog. Help! I hope you will enjoy reading these musings and I promise you won't have to read about the ever expanding pancake batter....